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Educational Consulting Services Designed to Help School Boards and Superintendents Prepare for Success

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Our Board Officer Training equips officers with essential knowledge and skills. It covers roles, meeting leadership, conflict management, and stakeholder relationships for each officer. 


Our New Trustee Orientation offers a comprehensive program for newly elected board members. It covers governance, legalities, roles, district policies, operations, budgeting, and strategic planning.


Our Team of 8 Training is designed to help board members work together more effectively as a team. We cover team building, communication, conflict resolution, and decision-making for consensus and common goals.


Our Governance Board Workshops offer deep training in effective governance, including district vision, policy, budgeting, and performance alignment with student and community needs.


Lone Star Governance enhances student outcomes through a comprehensive program covering five key governance components: vision, board-superintendent partnership, policy, accountability, and community engagement for better student achievement.


Our Statutory Trainings are essential for board members to navigate legal requirements in governance. They encompass ethics, open meetings, public information, and conflicts of interest, ensuring a thorough grasp of legal obligations for effective fulfillment.

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Aspiring Superintendent Preparation is a comprehensive program designed to equip education professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to become successful superintendents. The program includes in-depth training on interview coaching, portfolio and leadership development, strategic planning, and effective communication. Our expert coaches provide guidance and support to help participants develop their leadership abilities and build strong relationships with their staff, students, and communities. We help prepare you to secure the superintendent job!

Aspiring Superintendent Preparation

Social Emotional Learning is a critical component of our educational system, and our program equips educators with tools for a positive, inclusive learning environment. Workshops and trainings teach curriculum integration, student support, and fostering positive relationships.

Emotional Intelligence

Personal Growth Studies empowers educators and students through self-reflection, coaching, and group discussions to enhance self-awareness, identify areas for growth, and become effective leaders.

Personal Growth


Vibeonix is an innovative app blending tech and mindfulness for stress reduction and emotion control. Learn how to use biofeedback for stress monitoring, mindfulness for emotion management, and get expert coaching and support to achieve goals and experience a balanced, fulfilling life.


-  William Wooten, Asst. Superintendent for Financial Services

Both Trustees D. Fleming and D. Miller exemplified integrity, consistency, and diligence in helping me realize a path forward to landing the right job from Director of Financial Services to Chief Financial Officer within 1 year after the help of E3VOLVE. This year, I moved from a 4A district as CFO to my current position in Carroll ISD, a 6A district, as the Assistant Superintendent for Financial Services. E3VOLVE is definitely worth the investment!

"This life-changing program helped me leverage my skill-set through this process."

- Rhonda Brookins, Educator

DeAndrea is the epitome of leadership, women’s health, spiritual well-being, and black excellence. She is transparent and authentic in all things. That alone fosters trust and lasting relationships. DeAndrea would be a great mentor for female leaders who struggle to find their place at the table.

"DeAndrea is equipped to coach campus and district leaders on climate and culture, but also on ways for campus leaders to increase teacher quality through efficacy."

- Honorable Dawn Miller- Ector County School Board 

Coach DeAndrea’s  passion stems from a deep desire to encourage and uplift others primarily young African American girls but also women in general. It overflows into areas of education both in operation and governance. She is equipped to coach someone in administration, leadership and business development. For those who find themselves in a situation of hopelessness, she’s able to provide them with hope, for those who face seemingly insurmountable difficulties she’s able to give them a blueprint to follow that will lead them out.

"She’s an expert in leadership, mentoring , business development, and strategic planning."

- Jamila Kirk for Individual Coaching

Executive Account Manager

She coaches well in the area of life choices and career goals. I believe that she can help anyone with any type of problems. I say that because she has a good way of fixing your perspectives to see challenges in a new way to help solve problems. She’s a very good facilitator because she makes things easy to understand; which will allow one to focus and to and take the necessary actions on the task at hand."

"DeAndrea’s passion stems from her love of helping people see their own value. She’s always had a “take charge” attitude when it comes to making a difference in people's lives. "

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